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why choose us

Ready to get a best Financial Loan for your business?

If you are a new cash loan customer, the maximum you can get is R2500. If you are a returning customer you can get up to R8000. A Cash loan Customer must have a Payday loan history to apply for a cash loan.

why choose us

We are Building Sustainable Future.

There are no hidden Fees or costs

From the moment you want to take a loan with us, we make it very clear how much the debt will cost. There are no hidden fees or costs. The only time you will pay more than what we have agreed upon is if you do not keep your end on the deal.

We are more flexible

We offer loans from one day to as long as 6 months, which makes us flexible enough to handle your urgent cash flow problems to being able to handle your longer term financial needs. We also allow you to decide how much you want to borrow, which means you do not have to borrow excessive credit that you do not need.

Lower Rates

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No Payment Penalty

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