How to Apply


Getting TrueCred is simple. Simply pick the product you wish to buy, the length of you credit, submit some information about yourself and voila! You are on your way to getting yourself TrueCred! We will show exactly how much your credit will cost before we continue with the application. We will examine and get back to you with the status for your application as soon as humanly possible with the status of your application


Once your application has been approved, we will either send the Cash you applied for to your account or to your phone using money sending platforms we have at our disposal


On the agreed upon date, we will directly debit the amount we agreed when you applied, so you only have to ensure that those funds are available on that date in your account.

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  • There are no hidden Fees or costs

    From the moment you want to take a loan with us, we make it very clear how much the debt will cost. There are no hidden fees or costs. The only time you will pay more than what we have agreed upon is if you do not keep your end on the deal.

    If everything is done as per schedule, then you will not pay a cent more than what we would have agreed upon. We have heard enough sob stories of extra hidden charges being paid by unsuspecting customers that were not outlined initially. That is not part of our ethos at TrueCred. This is “True Credit”.

  • We are more flexible

    We offer loans from one day to as long as 6 months, which makes us flexible enough to handle your urgent cash flow problems to being able to handle your longer term financial needs. We also allow you to decide how much you want to borrow, which means you do not have to borrow excessive credit that you do not need.


  • You Can Pay No Interest For The Loan At All

    We have a unique “PayDay” loan facility which gives you the ability to not pay interest at all. Yes! That is right, zero interest. All you pay is an administration fees for the money you have borrowed which is fixed for a period of 31 days or less. This will make our short term debt one of the cheapest in the country. To find out more, check out the PayDay Loans page.


  • We Offer Great Deals That We Find

    We are constantly on a hunt for deals and great offers from retailers, and we package them in a way that will make them affordable and convenient for you. We know that you do not like being tied down in that 24 months cell phone contract, or other contracts you are have been tied into. We give the option of paying off the cost of the product in more flexible time periods.


    If you can afford to be in debt for a shorter period, then why be tied down for 2 whole years? Unlike most money lenders, we want to offer you an innovative way of purchasing the best deals in the shortest time. By introducing a deposit into the mix, it will drastically reduce how much you spend on buying the things that you really need.

  • We Want to Help You Build Your Business

    We offer a special product were we give credit to the employees of employers that we have partnered with. The whole idea is two address two major issues we have identified; Employees need extra cash at times and Employers don’t always have the capacity to offer this much needed cash. TrueCred offers a package were we bridge this gap. We motivate your employees buy offering them affordable credit on an ongoing basis, and we free up cash flow for the employer to expand their business. By doing this, we are directly contributing to the continued success of your business.

    Would you like to be one of our partner businesses? Contact us! Would you like your employer to be one of our partner employers? Contact us! We have packages to match any size company and any size salaries or wages