Conflict Resolution

We always want to be fair to our customers, and the only way you will be charged more than what we had initially agreed is when you fail to keep to your side of the deal. It is always our intension for you to not be over charged for services provided by us and for us to come to an agreement when unexpected situations happen. We are aware that “life” happens at times, and we will want to an agreement quickly in order that loans can be paid back.

If we attempt to collect cash from your account via a debit order and the debit order fails, we will attempt to contact you through the day so we can resolve the matter on that day to prevent excessive charges to you. Your bank may charge you for the bounced debit order.

Once we have a hold of you, we will try and come to an agreement were both you and us will not disadvantaged. There will be extra interest and defaulting charges that may apply to the defaulted loan. If we unable to collect the money or come to a new agreement, we may be forced to pass you on to external money collectors.

Constant let-down to repay a loan will also mean credit bureaus will record the outstanding debt. Records remain on file for a number of years after they are closed, whether settled by you or defaulted. Once this has occurred, you will not be able to borrow with TrueCred again. Your credit rating will take a knock. None of these things are worth the risk, so if you have uncertainties about whether you'll be able to easily repay a loan, please don't apply in the first place.